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June 04 2010

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Next Stop -> Devils Side
This will become a long Festival Summer :D
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Kaki King - Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers
In my eyes a great upcoming Artist you would hear about in that future

September 16 2009

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Rodrigo y Gabriela - 'Tamacun'
Reposted byCitrus Citrus

February 27 2009

if the dancer turns in the clockwise direction, this knows on a stronger development of the right part of your brain. (otherwise on the left part).
dancer.gif (GIF-Grafik, 300x400 Pixel)

February 22 2009

February 15 2009

A Valentine Card
progs: Sterling 2, Gimp, Incscape
resolution: 1000x1000

February 14 2009

Cover Art - Second Earth
progs: Sterling 2, Tierazon, Gimp, Incscape
resolution: 1250x1250

February 11 2009

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History of the Internet
Reposted bym75 m75

February 08 2009

Splash Art
progs: Sterling 2, Gimp (inc. some Textures)
resolution: 1280x960
Some Backdrop.
progs: Sterling 2, Incscape, Gimp.
resolution: 1280x800
Made a new Background for my Laptop.
progs: Sterling 2, Gimp.
resolution: 1280x800

December 19 2008

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7 minute Psytrance Documentary
(some nice Artworks are presented)

December 04 2008

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  damn good firegroup from Berlin

November 20 2008

freaky - fractal Art
Reposted bydoodlehannes

November 17 2008

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vibrasphere - Tierra Azu.
chilled morning sound.

October 25 2008

Spiral Tribe - fractal Art
Free spirit of nature- fractal Art
progs: Tierazon, Gimp
Reposted byantifuchs antifuchs

October 23 2008


very good Artistik Tutorials with many different styles like Juggling, Poi, Staff etc.

October 19 2008

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These skills are just perfect

October 13 2008

Fire Juggling (Mr. Babache Balls with Kevlar-Gloves)
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